Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.” Malcolm X

Wadham College of Science is the UK’s first Specialist Mathematics and Science College, providing a world-class education for students so that they can gain entry into world-leading universities.

We know that high grades are vital for students, but at Wadham College, education is about more than that. We look to develop in our students not only confidence, but well-rounded qualities of empathy, communication, team-work, and time management skills, assets essential to every young person’s future.

Over the last several years we sourced and built a staff-team of the highest calibre, and I am privileged to lead them. Our teachers are highly qualified, dedicated, and diligent, whose passion is to motivate and empower students to reach their greatest potential and achieve the highest goals.

What does it take to educate a child? When you look back at the great individuals of history, can we say it is their exam results that we admire them for? First place in a school competition, or success in a team-sport? None of these things by themselves equate to greatness, but a journey of discovery that consists of all aspects of the above and more. These are the values that we admire in the lives of successful people. “Education” similarly takes many forms: it is the learning of pure academics, but then it is also self-discipline, leadership, integrity, innovation, and other qualities in the road to character.

Education is also not something that only takes place during our school-years, even at the best A-Level college. It is a life-long pursuit, where we are continually learning from the people we meet and experiences we undergo, building, developing, and moulding our inner-self for the better.

This is the ethos of our teaching-approach at Wadham College of Science, that education entails more than our pupils’ examination results. This is why WCS is the best college to send your child to study. We also want to ensure that they are imbued with the spirit of self-motivation and fundamental character-virtues that will help them to continue to learn even when they have departed the corridors of our college.

The best A-Level college looks at the world that it is preparing them for: this place is vastly different to the one their parents entered when they left school. New careers, new industries, technological advancements, and scientific progress are all bound by the same pace of change that the digital-era and fourth industrial revolution demands. Our pupils will be expected to adapt and learn new skills and approaches throughout their lives. Gone are the days when a pupil might expect to stay in the first job they find after university, being a one-company employee and remaining in the same role, that only requires a single skill-set. The most successful individuals of the future will be those on that continual life-long-learning approach, and here at Wadham College of Science, we aim to set them up with a foundation of academic knowledge. The inner-drive to recognise continual skill development is key, even after their official education journey is over. Wadham College of Science looks to be the top college for this reason.

Indeed, the world is about more than A Levels, science and maths, but we believe a focus in this area of study leaves a child well-equipped for the journey ahead of them, and the digital nature of the careers and industries that drive society today. If you share this sentiment, we know you will want to send your child to the best A-Level College they can get into. Wadham College of Science has teachers with a high-calibre background that would challenge their students and subsequently expect the best from them. At the same time, our admissions process does not draw entirely from a pupil’s past results. Like our teaching-philosophy, we look to the future also, determining a child’s ability from the potential they have to succeed. Critical reasoning, an ambition to broaden their horizon and their creative ability that goes beyond the standard curriculum are all elements that are more important than their ability to score well on a standardised test.

Wadham College of Science believes in helping every student fulfil the potential they have that lies beyond the classroom and A Levels. Our students will receive the highest standard of teaching from a world-class staff who are not only passionate about the subjects they teach, but the learning-potential of the students in their classroom. They seek to deliver effective and innovative teaching methods so students get the most out of their learning experience. Parents of our pupils can expect a commitment to ensure the highest academic outcomes, tuition in small groups, open staff and student discussion. Furthermore, they will be provided with high levels of educational support, and a unique, effective teaching approach with up to 8 hours of contact-time per subject. When it comes to university applications, they will find an experienced, and dedicated support team at hand.

The educational journey of every student is different, reflecting the individual nature of every pupil who enrols at Wadham College of Science. We understand this, and in so doing, prioritise helping our students to find a sense of belonging during this important stage of their life journey. There is much to be excited about as we look to ensure students leave with the confidence and drive to reach their full potential that they, their parents, and us as an institution can be proud of.

Wadham College of Science is a hugely enriching place to be, so come visit and see for yourself. We look forward to welcoming you.

My aim is to make Wadham College of Science the very Best College in the UK for both local and international students to achieve top A-Level results. What sets us apart is the high level of pastoral support and individual attention every student receives. Moreover, in our admission’s process we focus on potential, not just grades, so you don’t have to be the top student in your school or country to attend the Best College.”