Best Teachers for A-Levels & Other Staff

We have recruited a highly skilled team of education-professionals of the highest calibre in their respective fields and with a proven track record of success. Our selection process ensures that as an educator we have done everything possible to maximise our students’ potential for academic excellence.

This academic excellence at Wadham is not just achieved in bringing out the potential of students but also in our holistic approach towards teaching. We understand that an excellent college necessitates excellent teaching staff and so have recruited the very best teachers from around the UK with decades of education experience.

Students may find some topics or subjects harder to grasp, but additional support for academic excellence is given to ensure students cope and fully benefit from the learning experience. Support can be through tutors after class who would instil in these sessions a sense of enthusiasm to make the learning experience as engaging and productive as possible.

The brightest minds require similar brilliance to teach them. We have recruited some of the best teachers from across the country to make sure our pupils get the educational support they need.

Meet the Team

Mr Harkness

Founding Director & Consultant Head

Graeme Harkness, as a Headteacher, has a wealth of knowledge in whole school issues with senior management experience gained in high-profile establishments, including being the Founding Director at Ebbw Fawr Learning Community, Wales’ first maintained 3-16 All Through School.

Nadeem Sarwar

Special Adviser

Nadeem Sarwar was the Co-founder of Cardiff Sixth Form College (CSFC) in 2004. Nadeem pioneered a new approach to international education, combining small class sizes, excellent teaching, and individual attention for each student. He believes in nurturing potential, in the ideal and achievement of ‘excellence’– and the results of his leadership are first class.
With his vision, Wadham College of Science is uniquely positioned to enable students of Science and Maths to achieve their dreams.

Mr Webb

Ex-CSFC. Government & Politics Foundation Tutor

John Webb has been a teacher for 45 years and was a Senior teacher for 19 years in two different Comprehensive schools. He taught History and Politics at Cardiff Sixth Form College for five years and John is an experienced examiner for the WJEC and AQA examination boards.

Mr Gait (Ex-CSFC Staff)

A Level Biology Specialist

Peter Gait has worked at Cardiff Sixth Form College and as a lead teacher at one of the Top State Schools in Wales for 35 years.
He is an experienced A-Level and GCSE examiner.

Mr McLoughlin (Ex-CSFC Staff)

A Level Chemistry Specialist

John McLoughlin is an experienced Chemistry teacher, having taught for 25 years at a top independent school in Newport. He has been a Head of Chemistry and Head of Science in addition to teaching A Level Chemistry at Cardiff Sixth Form College.
He has been an examiner and team leader with several examination boards, including CIE, IB, OCR and AQA.

Mr Chivers

Very Senior Examiner and A Level & Further Mathematics Specialist (Part-time)

Gareth Chivers is a specialist A-Level Mathematics & A-Level Further Mathematics Teacher with over 30 years of experience as a senior examiner for GCSE and A-Level. He has a particular flair for mentoring and preparing students for Oxbridge entrance tests in Maths.

Mr Hagii

A Level Physics Specialist

Peter Hagii has a wealth of experience spanning 34 years as a leading science teacher culminating in becoming the Head of Physics at St. John’s College, Cardiff, one of the Top Schools in Wales. He has an outstanding success rate of securing his students’ best grades at A-Level.

Dr Hill (Ex-CSFC Staff)

Physics & Mathematics Tutor

Dr Hill has over 20 years of experience in Lecturing, Teaching and Tutoring Physics and Mathematics at the highest level. He was one of the original teachers at Cardiff Sixth Form College and helped it to succeed in becoming what it is today. His expertise lies in challenging the brightest pupils to become the best professionals in society today.

Mr Barnett (Ex-CSFC Staff)

A Level Physics Specialist

Maurice Barnett has been Head of Physics/Science for 25 years. He has been a Principal Examiner for GCSE physics for 20 years and an assistant examiner at A-level Physics in Theory and Practical for 15 years. He was also one of the few original Physics Teachers at Cardiff Sixth Form College.

Mr Graydon

Personal Statement & OxBridge Support (Part-time)

Saul Graydon, Educational Consultant, has 26 years of experience leading schools to improve student outcomes in all-age, all-ability schools in the UK and abroad. He is a Specialist Leader of Education, a published academic author for Heinemann and Pearson and has been an English GCSE examiner for over 18 years.