Sport & Physical Fitness

All students aged 16 years and above are eligible for membership at the sports centre, located near the hall of residence. Facilities here include a swimming pool, gym, and lawns for racquet sports. Students can also register for swimming lessons, fitness classes, and personal training.


Each student is given access to the kitchen facilities and provided three hot meals a day. Students eat together in a spacious dining room where a nutritious menu is served buffet-style. Our experienced chefs always look to prepare a diverse menu, catering to the students’ differing international backgrounds and palates.


We aim to cultivate the best environment for our students to learn in. This is why the administrative team at Wadham College of Science have implemented measures to promote an environment where every student’s welfare is a priority.

We ensure the welfare of each student by addressing their individual needs. These needs are easily recognized through the maintenance of small class sizes, we have added educative extra-curricular activities that help our students achieve their academic dreams.

Wadham College of Science has a special welfare team responsible for offering our students the support they need to achieve outstanding academic goals and to maintain an excellent record in higher educational institutions.

The welfare team is comprised of personal tutors, academic counsellors, and the college nurse. The welfare team guides our students to make better educational decisions and overcome any challenges that they may encounter while learning at Wadham College of Science.

A welfare and support system gives students access to the information that they need to make significant academic decisions. Our plans for the welfare of every student promotes confidence and help students forge a path to academic success at their chosen higher educational institution.

Students who require extra lessons will be given this additional tuition for free. Students will be allowed to suggest the topics they need revision for before the commencement of exams during the extra lessons.

All international students will have the privilege of having the founder – Simple Khanal – as their mentor while learning at the college. We endeavour to promote an outstanding level of academic and emotional support for all students at WCS.

Amongst all of this, we are confident that our students will be on the best academic path for achieving their aspirations by completing their A-Levels at WCS.