University Destination

As a brand-new institution, Wadham College of Science provides the best for their students by only hiring those with a first-rate track record. The college relies on the track record of Nadeem Sarwar, and other successful leadership and teaching staff to take its students to their utmost potential.

Prior to joining WCS, Nadeem Sarwar co-founded one of the most successful A-Level colleges in the UK, which would be recognised as the go-to destination for international students. He served a fundamental role in setting up the college and closely monitored the students to ensure they got into the top universities of their choice with high grades and extraordinary achievements. These universities within the UK included Cambridge University, Oxford University, UCL, and King’s College London. Top universities abroad included The University of Hong Kong and The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Moreover, students under Nadeem Sarwar’s leadership not only got into the top universities of their choice but also gained offers for highly competitive degrees such as Medicine.

Indeed this college would go on to receive outside recognition of its achievements, and in 2016 the BBC named it “Britain’s Brainiest School” in a documentary aired nationwide, featuring Nadeem Sarwar in his role as co-founder, and recognizing his integral contribution to the school.

Furthermore, we at Wadham College of Science have hired staff that previously taught at some of the UK’s leading private schools such as Eton and St Paul’s, a testament to how we uphold the highest standards for the betterment of our students.

We want to ensure that WCS students achieve their maximum potential. We do this by having small classes that aim to prepare the leaders of tomorrow. Whatever it takes, we are prepared to do what is necessary to make sure our students consistently strive to exceed both their expectations and ours.