University Destination

As a brand-new institution, Wadham College of Science provides the best for their students by only recruiting talented and driven teachers with a first-rate track record. Our staff are rewarded with a very generous salary that helps ensure we have the best teachers and that we retain them. Consequently, we can achieve the highest level of consistency in the student’s learning and experience at WCS. As a new college, we bring a fresh determination to prove how successful we will be and do not suffer from a sense of complacency.

Wadham College of Science’s has recruited former Cardiff Sixth Form College’s founding staff. They bring a wealth of experience in securing student entry into the top universities in Britain including Cambridge University, Oxford University, UCL, and King’s College London, in addition to eminent universities abroad including The University of Hong Kong and The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Our board of Directors is served by; Mr Graeme Harkness, a former Senior Regional Director for School Improvement with the DfES; and Mr David Jenkins, an independent educational consultant with extensive experience of Science teaching; both of whom bring a valuable range of experience in leading learning and achieving outstanding results in highly effective schools.

All our teachers are sourced from the top schools in England and Wales and are experienced subject specialists; many have served as examiners for various UK boards, and some have also tutored at Cardiff Sixth Form College – cited as Britain’s Brainiest School in 2016. Our teacher’s depth of experience allows them to pinpoint exactly the area each student needs for them to succeed.

We want to ensure that WCS students achieve their maximum potential. We do this by having small classes that aim to prepare the leaders of tomorrow. By keeping our numbers low we can provide the exceptional service we want to deliver; one which is focused on faultless pastoral care and outstanding educational provision.