Our Application Process

Wadham College of Science (WCS) nurtures and challenges ambitious and hardworking students worldwide to help them reach their potential.

WCS embraces a friendly, informal and adult approach to learning, much like a university, which encourages independent thinking, discipline and high expectations.

WCS prides itself on its application process, which helps advise applicants on the best option for their chosen career. Our rigorous and friendly process ensures that the student’s time with us will be rewarding academically and socially for them.

The Application Process Made Easy


Follow these ten simple steps to begin unlocking your future.

  1. Complete the application form online, including your personal statement (500 words).
  2. Send by email, copies of the following: passport and UK visa page (for International students), copies of GCSE (or equivalent) to study at A level, the two most recent academic reports.
  3. Take our entrance exam at our partners office.
  4. Tell us all about yourself in our face-to-face or online interview.
  5. We will review the interview and test.
  6. You will receive an offer or notification that your application was unsuccessful.
  7. A formal confirmation will be sent, including your accommodation details and our terms and conditions.
  8. You accept the terms and our offer.
  9. Return the signed agreement to us via email.
  10. You will receive our pre-arrival pack in June which outlines all the next steps.

For further details or if you wish to discuss making an application, please contact us at +44 (0) 1633 243888 or email apply@wcosci.com

Course Overview

2023 Intakes


GCSE A Level
Previous education and age Completion of high school & minimum age of 16 Completion of high school & minimum age of 16
Language Requirements IELTS 4.5 IELTS 6.0
Course length (Years) 1 or 2 2
Hours per week 15 18
Expected Class size 8 to 10 8 to 10



Key points

Minimum 2 GCSE’s

Maximum 5 GCSE’s

5 hours Academic English

Excellent Preparation for the A-Level Course

Minimum 3 AS Level’s

Maximum 5 AS Level’s

5 hours Academic English

Oxbridge Preparation Classes

Medical Preparation Classes


Entry Requirements

  • The Admission team is led by our Founder, and assisted by the Principal and Vice Principals.
  • The entry ages to the College are at 16 for 1 Year GSCE and 16 to 18 for A-Levels.
  • Admission is always at the beginning of the academic year which, is in September.
  • The transfer of classes from GCSE or IGCSE to A-Level is subject to satisfactory grades at GCSE.
  • Applicants are selected by entry tests, but the College does accept GCSE or IGCSE results.
  • The Principal or a Senior Staff of the College will conduct an informal interview to get to know the potential pupil, as well to provide answers to any inquiries before concluding a final decision in choosing to study at the College.
  • Positive reports from the last educational institution attended by the candidate are needed, as well as a response from their parents regarding the admission offer.