Our Mission

To educate students in the first ever specialist Science & Mathematics college of its kind in the UK. The college prepares students for an innovation-driven world via a unique teaching environment within a specialist mathematics college that enables students to think outside the box, achieve the highest possible grades at A-level, and secure their place at the world’s top universities, for the most sought-after degrees.

Specialist Mathematics College

Our Aim

Wadham College of Science prioritises the wellbeing of each student, and their ability to fulfil their true potential. We make sure that every student’s individual needs are identified so that they can receive the best education possible at this specialist mathematics college, and not only achieve their academic goals but also holistically grow as a member of the community.

Specialist Mathematics College

Our College Ethos

We have a strong code of conduct that all who attend are respected, valued, and treated as fellow human beings. Clear guidance is given as to what is and what is not acceptable, and bullying, disruption, and harassment is not tolerated. Whether student or staff, every individual is treated with dignity. Sexism, racism, ableism, elitism, or any form of prejudice is strongly condemned, and we expect all members of our college—students, parents, and staff alike—to abide by these guidelines.

Our aims stretch beyond academic attainment. We prize the growth in confidence and curiosity of our students. Our small class sizes facilitate collaborative lessons with students learning their way around their subjects at the same time as they grow as people. We are informal, and flexible, but we put students’ welfare first. We also focus on exam practice so that students can learn from their answers. That, alongside our excellent teaching, is at the heart of our A-Level strategy.