The administrators at Wadham College of Science have implemented reliable processes to ensure the well-being of all our students. Every student that studies here will do so in a positive and safe environment conducive to achieving their academic goals. We committed to help our students attain an all-rounded development: physically, emotionally, socially, and mentally in accordance to the highest moral standards.Best College for A-Levels

We have defined our responsibilities in promoting students’ welfare as follows;

1. Ensuring all students have equal rights and protection from abuse.

2. Promoting a healthy environment within the college for learning and living.

3. Providing access to the highest standard of care and encouraging safe practice.

4. Educating and teaching students the best ways to achieve outstanding results in all areas of learning at the college.

Safeguarding students refers to all the measures and processes we have put in place to maintain a safe college environment. Improving a student’s welfare involves all the activities aimed at reducing risks and promoting secure surroundings for all students to learn in. The staff and all employees at our college are regularly trained on how best to avert risks and protect the students. Here at Wadham, we make certain that the college conditions are safe at all times, reducing any chance of disruption to our academic program.