Why Study at The Best A-Level Science College?

WCS offers high-quality tuition within an informal, friendly, disciplined environment where every student can feel confident, happy, and able to reach their potential.

The A-Level qualification is the usual method of progression to UK universities and provides entry into UK universities to study for any undergraduate degree. The course is assessed through final examinations, usually taken in June.

Students can study A Levels with us in various ways, depending on their needs. The entire course takes two academic years. We can also offer bespoke courses, which focus on boosting their confidence and building on their knowledge.

Individual attention and support


In addition to the very high levels of individual attention students receive in the classroom, they are offered extensive support outside the classroom through weekly meetings with their Tutor, subject-specific workshops, and support classes. Teachers and personal tutors work closely to monitor and discuss students’ academic performance and progress throughout their time at the college.

Students targeting very high-profile UK universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College, and London School of Economics or intending to study medicine must take A-Levels, and the students will need to achieve top grades at the end of the course. Achieving the best grades requires academic ability, discipline, and a resilient mental attitude. Studying A-Levels at WCS will maximise their future success as these qualifications are accepted worldwide as a gold-standard university entry qualification.

Programme Content


Most students learn A Levels over two academic years. Typically, students study three or four subjects depending on their ability; this allows for a broader curriculum and experimentation with a fourth subject before students commit themselves to three A-level subjects. We provide advice to help students choose their subjects carefully, concerning their strengths and aims for higher education and future career.

Our students benefit from independent and collaborative learning through assignments that develop their ability to conduct valuable research. Creative and critical reasoning for problem-solving is taught alongside time management and how to reference correctly. We also offer professional guidance on study plans to help students reach their goals in each subject. WCS teachers have a proven track record of mentoring students to achieve their maximum potential.

International students who are non-native English speakers can also benefit from our carefully designed Academic English Programme (AEP). These classes integrate Writing, Reading, Speaking and Listening skills in four weekly specialised lessons, focusing on equipping students with the essential English language and study skills to perform in an English-speaking academic context.

Getting a place at WCS is integral for success in later life, as A-Levels are the gateway to entry for sixth-form students into their next stage of higher-education learning. We understand their importance and ensure students have the best chance of achieving high grades.