International College with a Unique Student-Centred Approach

We believe in creating the best environment for our students to succeed, not just in their exams but in their University and their future careers. We believe they hold the future in their hands, and we can make it happen for them.

The WCS 6

Six reasons why Wadham College of Science (WCS) makes a difference to the range of skills, experiences, and future opportunities of those attending the college.

At WCS, our teaching excellence, personalized attention to student needs, and the individual support of students provide a warm and friendly learning environment.


Our academic success is underpinned by the strong pastoral support we provide our students through our staff. Our pastoral support begins before students even join WCS with our comprehensive pre-arrival package.


Our teachers demonstrate outstanding individual scholarship and enthusiasm for their subject; they inspire passion for it and encourage confidence in learning and independent thinking.

We ensure students feel enabled to reach their ambitions and have high aspirations in both their behaviour and academic achievement.


Wadham College of Science is the UK’s first Specialist Science College, designed with the best facilities and staffed with the finest teachers.

We provide a first-class curriculum and tailored syllabus, with individual attention allowing needs to be met and students stretched, challenged, and supported.


We have small class sizes, so the teacher has plenty of opportunities to help everyone in the class during a lesson. Our small classes encourage participation from each student, fostering an interactive environment where teachers can recognize any extra assistance a student needs.

We work with students, parents, agents, and other stakeholders to encourage a strong work ethic, good behaviour, and the self-belief to challenge and achieve.


Learning is our overriding priority. Through our specialist curriculum and highly qualified teachers, we strive to provide a stimulating educational experience for every student every day.

We assist students in achieving success through small class sizes, quality teaching and a focus on interaction and learning. Further support is given through a personalized plan for each student, ensuring a productive, dynamic, and purposeful learning environment to help them reach their maximum potential.


Our teachers know that every student is unique and that the individual approach is the best. This is even more the case with the diverse needs that international students might have, which is why we educate and mentor our students in ways which recognize these differences.

We provide comprehensive advice to tailor the students’ studies to their strengths. This enables them to make informed, realistic choices about progression routes, enhancing their chances of securing places on suitably challenging courses.