The Wadham College of Science (WCS) Oxbridge Programme


To prepare students for the rigorous Oxford and Cambridge universities application and interview process, we offer a unique Oxbridge programme that gives our students the best chance of gaining a place at Oxford or Cambridge University.

The WCS Oxbridge Programme (WCSOP)


A comprehensive 13-month schedule of seminars and one-to-one support helps our Oxbridge applicants to be as prepared and competitive as possible in their applications – these range from making sensible degree choices that correspond to long-term professional ambitions to engagement with extra-curricular activities that broaden their understanding of the world and explore more conceptual approaches to the topics they study.

All participants in the WCSOP complete a 5000-word Extended Project Qualification to gain independent research skills and deepen their knowledge in a specific subject area relevant to their degree choice and personal interests.

Our Oxbridge programme explores the following areas:

Spring Term


  • university and degree choice
  • college choice
  • additional university choices
  • selection of independent research project

Summer Term


  • resources for pre-interview assessment test
  • supplementary application requirements
  • introduction to the UCAS application
  • introduction to UCAS Personal Statement
  • resources for super-curricular development

Summer Vacation


  • completion of Personal Statement
  • completion of an independent research project
  • completion of the UCAS application
  • pre-interview assessment preparation
  • super-curricular development
  • work experience

Autumn Term


  • submission of application
  • submission of supplementary application material
  • pre-interview assessment test support
  • interview practice
  • post interview support and next steps

To make an application to Oxford and Cambridge, students must demonstrate an understanding of their chosen subjects from beyond the school curriculum.

The Oxbridge interview process is unique and challenging. Oxbridge applicants work closely with their subject tutors to develop their academic ability and intellectual skills, particularly in preparation for the pre-interview assessment tests, which are designed to extend their curricular learning and are an essential component of the application process. Students learn to explore their statements in depth, respond to challenging questions and present themselves confidently.

The primary aim of the WCSOP is to help students along every step of the application and interview process.