Find the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

What are the benefits of joining Wadham College of Science?

Wadham College of Science (WCS) is a specialist Mathematics & Science College. We only teach and specialise in the 5 most difficult and highly sought A-Levels subjects that are namely Biology, Chemistry, Further Mathematics, Mathematics & Physics.

To achieve the highest standards, we recruit the most talented and driven teachers. Our staff are rewarded with a very generous salary that helps ensure we have the best teachers and that we retain them. Consequently, we can achieve the highest level of consistency in the student’s learning and experience at WCS. As a new college, we bring a fresh determination to prove how successful we will be and do not suffer from a sense of complacency. We have the benefit of the experience of the founding staff of Cardiff Sixth Form College in addition to an impressive board of Directors which include: Mr Graeme Harkness, a former Senior Regional Director for School Improvement with the DfES; Mr David Jenkins, an independent educational consultant with extensive experience of Science teaching. They bring a valuable range of experience in leading learning and achieving outstanding results in highly effective schools.

All our teachers are sourced from the top schools in England and Wales and are experienced subject specialists; many have served as examiners for various UK boards, and some have also tutored at Cardiff Sixth Form College. Their depth of experience allows our instructors to pinpoint exactly the area each student needs for them to succeed.

Why does WCS Only Accept a maximum of 30 students?

We at WCS want to offer the very best support and learning experience within the UK. We do not just want to be different—we at WCS strive for our teaching to be the very best. Students accepted at our esteemed college will notice and see the positive impact and difference straight away. The Founder, Ms. Simple Khanal’s main concern is pastoral, and ensuring that all students are as happy, and driven, as they can be during the whole A-Level experience.

By keeping our numbers low we can provide the exceptional service we want to deliver; one which is focused on faultless pastoral care and outstanding educational provision.

How do students increase their chances of being accepted in WCS?

The recruitment cycle starts on the 1st of September each year and spaces are limited to a maximum of 30. We are expecting that the College will be full by early December of the same year. We strongly recommend applying as soon as the recruitment process begins in September.

We are a specialist Maths and Science college and all students that apply should have an excellent grasp of these subjects at GCSE or IGCSE.

Does WCS offer Airport pick up?

Yes, we do, and we offer the same service to parents as well.

What will the food quality be like in WCS?

Our experienced chefs work hard and imaginatively to cater for students and to create a family atmosphere at mealtimes whilst ensuring a healthy, balanced diet. They prepare diverse menus, catering to the students’ differing international backgrounds and palates. Food provision reflects the ethical and medical requirements and include religious, ethnic, vegetarian, medical and allergenic needs. We believe that the food at the College will be the next best to home-cooked food.