Find the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

What are the benefits of joining Wadham College of Science?

Wadham College of Science (WCS) is a specialist Mathematics & Science College which only teaches and thus specialises in the 5 most difficult and highly sought A-Levels subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Further Mathematics, Mathematics & Physics. We at WCS, are very fortunate to have Nadeem Sarwar as a Special Adviser. Nadeem has a stellar track record in education, and recruited the very best teachers in the past; he will similarly be applying his skills here and recruit the best teachers money can hire.

Why does WCS Only Accept 30 students?

We at WCS want to offer the very best support and learning experience within the UK. We do not just want to be different: we at WCS want to take teaching to a completely new level. Students accepted at our esteemed college will notice our distinctive approach and the positive influence it has on them straight away. Ms. Simple Khanal’s (The Founder) main concern is pastoral, and will make sure that all students are as happy—and driven—as they can be during their entire A-Level experience.

How do students increase their chances of being accepted in WCS?

The recruitment cycle begins 1st September every year. We are forecasting that the College will be full by early December of the same year. Once we are full, we are full. Students that apply should have an excellent grasp of GCSE/IGCSE in Mathematics and Science subjects. Submission of your application early on is highly recommended.

Does WCS offer Airport pick up?

Yes, we do, and we offer the same service to parents as well.

What will the food quality be like in WCS?

The food will be prepared to the highest standards with different cuisines cooked with both authenticity and health in mind. We believe that the food at the College will be the next best to home-cooked food.