GCSE Courses at WCS

Wadham College of Science (WCS) GCSE students receive the expert tuition and high levels of support needed to succeed and move confidently on to study for their A levels.

WCS experienced staff has been delivering a successful GCSE Programme for more than 30 years. We embrace a friendly and adult approach to education, often presenting a refreshing change from more traditional schools. This encourages independent thinking, learning and discipline.

One-year programme

Our One-Year Fast-Track GCSE course is an excellent option for students concerned about their GCSE progress. It is well-suited for talented students under-16 with the potential to thrive within the UK education system but could greatly benefit from the personalised support that WCS gives.

The One-Year Fast-Track course is also for those who have previously taken GCSEs but have not achieved their desired grades. The programme offers an intensive and focused approach to GCSE studies. Our team of specialists is here to ensure that every student develops and grows academically, personally, and socially.

In the WCS one-year programme, students typically complete five GCSEs comprising core (Level 2 Additional Mathematics, Mathematics and Separate Science) subjects.

Supervision is much greater than at A level, but our GCSE students still enjoy the informal relations between teachers and students, which attracts many of our students to us.

Two-year programme

WCS offers a specialised two-year programme, beginning when the student is 16 years plus. This programme is a four-year course, with students completing their A levels by the end of their fourth year at the college.

Individual attention

Individual attention begins with the small class sizes of 8 -10 students. These allow teachers to spend more time assessing each student’s work individually.

Students make excellent progress because of the discipline of regular homework and half-termly mock examinations. We monitor all students carefully and consistently after each set of mock exams and provide a detailed personal report outlining specific areas for improvement.

Positive behaviour and student happiness

Wadham College of Science promotes a culture of mutual respect, tolerance and collaboration between all college community members. This reflects our adult learning approach, high-quality teaching and individual support to enable students to reach their potential. We expect all students to show the maturity, commitment and drive required to excel in this environment.

We consider student happiness our most important goal.

The college has zero tolerance towards poor behaviour, so all students may feel secure and enjoy the focused and informal environment WCS can cultivate. Often students develop a warm affection for WCS and form lifelong friendships.