Entry Requirements

  • The Admission team is led by our Founder, and assisted by the Principal and Vice Principals.
  • The entry ages to the College are at 16 for 1 Year GSCE and 16 to 18 for A-Levels.
  • Admission is always at the beginning of the academic year which, is in September.
  • The transfer of classes from GCSE or IGCSE to A-Level is subject to satisfactory grades at GCSE.
  • Applicants are selected by entry tests, but the College does accept GCSE or IGCSE results.
  • The Principal or a Senior Staff of the College will conduct an informal interview to get to know the potential pupil, as well to provide answers to any inquiries before concluding a final decision in choosing to study at the College.
  • Positive reports from the last educational institution attended by the candidate are needed, as well as a response from their parents regarding the admission offer.

Equality Act Of 2010

The College would merely assess students’ qualifications before accepting them to the College and would not have any bias towards any disability, nationality, ethnic background, religious faith, sexual orientation or any socioeconomic background in terms of area of residence.

Please refer to the Admissions Policy for further details on admissions.